Do You Suffer From Nasal Obstruction? Rhinoseptoplasty May Be Your Solution

Surgery may be the best alternative when the condition does not have medical treatment. We work with the best rhinoplasty specialists.

The nasal obstruction can be caused, therefore, a deviation of the nasal septum, abnormal growth of the turbinates lower (allergy), or benign or malignant tumors. Having it can cause problems such as nasal congestion and obstruction, increased intensity of snoring, and less restful sleep, among other situations, including headaches and chronic sinusitis.

When the cause is due to the growth of turbinates, it is possible to do medical treatment with allergy medications and/or local corticosteroids in inhalers, which are applied directly to the nostril or, in more severe cases, corticosteroids to be taken or injectable. But “the rest of the causes are all surgical resolution.

For this, the solution is a functional rhinoseptoplasty that allows the patient to have the nose uncovered, which is performed with endoscopes, inside the nose, or through small internal incisions.

There is also the option of cosmetic surgery, which can be done with internal incisions (closed rhinoplasties) or through incisions in the margin of the nose that are joined to the columella and allow the skin to be lifted (open rhinoplasties).

These patients are left with an external stabilizer for a week and then fabrics on the back and massages. The final result is seen at six months.

Cosmetic surgery should be done once the nose has completed its growth, usually between the ages of 15 and 18, depending on the development of each patient, while functional surgery can be performed at any age.

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